We are a passionate, committed and qualified core team with specific specialized skills in the areas required for the successful implementation of our concept.We are always inspiring, mobilizing and recruiting more persons to join us and thus we create more specific offices to attend to specific demands and needs that arise in order to effectively meet our goals.

Namuzide Haawa

She grew up in a remote community in Buyinja Sub County in Namayingo district. She remembers one week when 6 women in her village tragically died because they lived too far from the nearest health center. She was motivated to become part of the solution.  She saves lives in Uganda’s rural remote communities -- some of the most dangerous places on earth to give birth. Haawa holds a Degree in Nursing and Midwifery from Mulago Nursing School. Before joining Infants’ Health Foundation, she worked with government health facilities for over 5 years.

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