We are a passionate, committed and qualified core team with specific specialized skills in the areas required for the successful implementation of our concept.We are always inspiring, mobilizing and recruiting more persons to join us and thus we create more specific offices to attend to specific demands and needs that arise in order to effectively meet our goals.

Kyomuhendo Sylivia

Founder & Director
Facebook: @ kyomuhendo.sylivia.39
Instagram: @kyomuhendo.sylivia.39
LinkedIn: @kyomuhendosylivia
Sylivia is a feminist and humanist who believes in social justice, equality and equity. Sylivia grew up from a remote hardest to reach village in Namayingo district, Uganda, where accessing health facilities was a nightmare due to combined factors of poverty and long distances (difficulties and expenses in transportation). In 2016 Sylivia lost her beloved sister and the newborn niece. Sarah safely delivered at home, but bled heavily afterwards and eventually died. Worst of it all, the newborn baby was born with spina bifida and Sylvia’s family members and neighbors muchly believed it was witchcraft and took her to a shrine to the witchdoctor to be cleansed of the demons they believed were attacking her, unfortunately Malaika also died. She turned her frustrations and sad experience of lack of healthcare services (inaccessible health facilities) into a motivation and dedication to breaking the barriers to accessing and utilizing maternal child health care services in her community and Uganda at large and Founded Infants’ Health Foundation. Sylivia holds a First-Class Bachelor’s Degree in Community Based Rehabilitation from the University of Kyambogo. She also holds various certificates in; Social Entrepreneurship, Compassionate Communication (Nonviolent Communication), Start and Improve Your Business, Community Based Sexual and Reproductive Health, and Food Health & Nutrition. Sylivia is also the Founder & Consultant of Blessed Quality Hair Dressers, a social enterprise in Uganda that empowers female marginalized youths by training them in hair dressing skills. These include the orphans, HIV positive, former street and soldier kids among others, who are unemployed and the school dropouts. Quote “No one should die or fall ill just because they are poor or live far from the health facilities & doctors” Kyomuhendo Sylivia.

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