We are a passionate, committed and qualified core team with specific specialized skills in the areas required for the successful implementation of our concept.We are always inspiring, mobilizing and recruiting more persons to join us and thus we create more specific offices to attend to specific demands and needs that arise in order to effectively meet our goals.

Okello Harrison

Co-Founder & CEO
Instagram: @harryokell
LinkedIn: @harrisonokello
Facebook: Harrison.Okell
Harrison is a passionate professional social worker. He grew up from Bubooko village where there was no health facilities and one had to travel many miles at a great cost to access the nearby health facilities, as a result his family and community muchly relied on traditional herbalists and birth attendants, and witch doctors for health services and information. His newborn twin sisters both died at the traditional birth attendants home during delivery. He vowed to change the health situations in his community. While at the University, he joined Sylivia who was working on Infants’ Health Foundation aimed at breaking the barriers to accessing and utilizing maternal child health care services in remote hardest to reach areas of Uganda. Harrison then Co-Founded Infants’ Health Foundation.

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