We are a passionate, committed and qualified core team with specific specialized skills in the areas required for the successful implementation of our concept.We are always inspiring, mobilizing and recruiting more persons to join us and thus we create more specific offices to attend to specific demands and needs that arise in order to effectively meet our goals.

Nandera Christine

Head of Community mobilization Officers.
Christine heads our community mobilization team of community women mostly. She is living with HIV/AIDS and when she is gone, she wants to be remembered of what she was but not what she had. She is very passionate in community work and she loves seeing that even the poorer communities and rural remote villages get the necessary health services and care mostly women during and throughout pregnancy. She is happy that even though she ended in Primary 4 she was awarded by the Government of Uganda a medal as a community developer and working to save lives. She trusts in investing in people to develop communities and country at large. She openly declared that is HIV positive and always say it.

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