We are a passionate, committed and qualified core team with specific specialized skills in the areas required for the successful implementation of our concept.We are always inspiring, mobilizing and recruiting more persons to join us and thus we create more specific offices to attend to specific demands and needs that arise in order to effectively meet our goals.

Wadenga Edward

Head of Feedback Office.
Edward heads our data team and they collect feedback from our beneficiaries. We established this office in order to increase our institutional knowledge and infrastructures so as we serve communities better and include them in all processes of our activities. We take our beneficiaries’ views very and very important and always consider them in our activities. This has and is helping us to increase communication between our nurses and communities and smoothly operating, and it has helped us to for instance terminate working relationships with our nurses who mistreat women through handling them with no respect and dignity and we won’t stop terminating our working relationship with our employees who don’t respect our beneficiaries.  

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