My name is Bernard, I am so previlledged because of Infants’ Health Foundation, I lacked employment and my family could survive on one meal a day, getting even 500UGX in a week was a night mare, but now I can get 20,000UGX in a day just, my family


My name is Denis, I dropped out of school when I was in primary seven due to financial hardships at home, I could burn charcoal for survival but could get very little money, that my family and I could not survive on even, but am so so so much happy that


My name is Mukasa, I am living with HIV/AIDS, I recall I was nearer to die because I lacked hope, My skin had turned into something I can’t even describe, community members had started isolating me, I recall that day Infants’ Health Foundati


Thanks to Infants’ Health Foundation for their maternal health radio talks, we have learnt a lot in maternal and child health care and we also spread the news and information to others. We are so lucky. I didn’t know even that we have to plan before getting pregnant. “Agnes

Wafula Robert

I am so happy because of Infants’ Health Foundation, I used to take my wife to a witch doctor for information and herbs, not knowing they were fake and incorrect, I used to even recommend my friends to take their wives and children there, but we wer


Infants Health Foundation, long live & long live, our savior, thank you very very much for helping our daughters in pregnancies, many have been dying in this community. Health facilities are very far and far. Thank you very much.

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My name is Fidel. We are so happy for Infants’ Health Foundation outreaches, we have been able to learn on how to take good care of our wives so as to have healthy babies, planning and working together as a couple in preparation to get a baby.

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My name is Tabuu, I am a farmer of millet and soya. I am so grateful for the God given opportunity of Infants’ Health Foundation. We have been spending much money to transport our wives when they are pregnant to health facilities, sometimes we could


My name is Beatrice, I would like to talk on behalf of the mothers in Bubooko village, for sure Infants’ Health Foundation has simplified the struggle for the painful search for maternal health care services,  with the friendly nurses they ha

Olimi Colins

I am Olimi Collins, my wife produced a child and the doctor told us he had a brain damage and will have limitation and difficulties while growing and will not be like other children, however, we have gone through a lot of trouble in this village because

Odongo Samuel

I am SP Odongo Samuel, District Police Commander of Namayingo district. As police, we have been receiving many cases from communities and families. Women and men accusing each other of witch craft due to suspicions, they coul

Nandera Christine

My name is Nandera Christine, 24 years old from Namayingo District, When I got pregnant for our first baby I experienced a lot of complications and problems; I felt sick with high fever regularly, had lower abdominal pain wit

Natabona Grace

My name is Natabona Grace am so happy for Infants’ Health Foundation for the accurate information they are always giving to us. Personally for instance I used not to know that a child is supposed to be breastfed exclusively for 6 months, I never kne



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