Infants' Health Foundation is a grassroots organization enabling low income women and children living in hard to reach remote communities of Uganda to access and utilize quality and timely maternal child health services and accurate information.
We primarily target low income rural women of reproductive age typically 16-35 and Infants of 0-2 years who are far away (mostly 5 kilometers and above) from health facilities and live in hard to reach remote villages of Uganda regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation, educational background, race, religion and ability.

We provide quality and timely maternal child healthcare services to mothers and babies in their homes by a network of qualified nurses. The mothers nearer each other are registered and organized in small manageable groups and always meet in one agreed home to receive our services. We believe that every baby deserves the best possible start. Unfortunately, not all babies get one. We are working to change that. We are providing the best start for children in the critical life period of 1000 days.

We carry out awareness raising to teach mothers, the communities, the media, policy makers and other stake holders about the causes, risk factors and possible effective preventions of mother and infant morbidity and mortality and the related birth defects prior to, during and after pregnancy.

Together with the government of Uganda (Ministry of Health), we are serving the low income moms and their children living in remote hardest to reach areas of Uganda.

We declared war against inaccessible quality health care, we never and will never stop fighting until when we put that to an end. We become stronger and more committed every day that ever before. We are always happily guiding moms through every stage of the pregnancy journey. We are fighting for and supporting rural low income moms and their infants live healthy each and every day in the critical stage of life (1,000 days) of pregnancy. At Infants' Health Foundation we understand and believe that 1000 days of child development are very crutial and matters the most. It's an important period of window of opportunity, what happens in those first days determines to a large extent the course of a child's life – his or her ability to grow, learn, work, succeed – and, by extension, the long-term health, stability and prosperity of the society in which that child lives. And It is cheaper, better and easier to build strong children than to repair broken adults.

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