Over 210,000 people have received relevant information on maternal-child health before-preconception care, during-antenatal care and after pregnancy-postnatal care through community outreaches, radio talk shows, door to door home visits, social media platforms, stickers in public passenger vehicles, motorcycle reflectors among others.
468 pregnant women and their unborn babies have access to antenatal care services
126 mothers have been supported to have safe health facility delivery
126 mothers + their newborns receive postnatal care services
Over 328 appropriate health referrals have been made
800 insecticide-treated nets have been given to mothers and their children
25 jobs created (Nurses, Motorcyclists, Village Health Teams-our coordinators, and the core team)
Harmony restored among many families
Savings culture adopted and increased in households
Social support gained among pregnant women through organized groups, increased male participation in maternal-child health and thus stress, depression, loneliness and physiological discomforts eliminated among women

Even though a lot is still needed, we take the opportunity to thank all our supporters, we are immensely grateful to all of the trusts, organizations, corporations, businesses, volunteers, and individuals who enabled and continue to enable all the Infants' Health Foundation projects to go ahead. Without you it simply wouldn't be possible to give a hand to low income rural mothers and their children, our deepest appreciation goes out to everyone who has generously supported this life-saving and global investment work. Because of you we become stronger and more committed everyday than ever before. We won't stop fighting for healthy and well-nourished pregnancies in Uganda.

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