Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is preconception care?
What Happens at a Preconception care session?
What is exclusive breastfeeding?
What is a birth defect?
What are the most common birth defects? Are they preventable?
When in pregnancy do birth defects happen?
Is it true that some birth defects are a result of witch craft?
Does alcohol cause birth defects?
IF a pregnant woman takes traditional brew/alcohol can it cause more damage to the fetus than beer or wine?
Is it OK for a woman to drink only during special cerebrations when she is pregnant?
Should a woman worry if she drank before she knew she was pregnant? What should she do?
Does smoking cause birth defects?
Do prescription drugs cause birth defects?
Do genetic factors play a role in causing birth defects?
How can a poor pregnant woman in the village afford a balanced nutrition for her the baby to be healthy?
What groups of women are at a higher risk of having a baby with a birth defect?
What should be done by women before becoming or already pregnant in order to improve their chances of having a healthy child?

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