We are ever collecting and measuring what we do. From feedback from our patients to behaviour changes in uptake of our services.
We believe that we cannot reach everywhere but our data can.


Most healthcare in the world is passive. Health workers wait for patients to come to them. But Infants' Health Foundation knows health can't wait, so, we deploy health care providers in the homes
to proactively search and treat the patients.


Infants Health Foundation's proactive health system taps the power of social networks,
community leaders, and local women and youths. Communities take the lead to create lasting change.


We estimate the Infants' Health Foundation system will enable Ministries of Health to provide universal health coverage at a cost of $20 per person annually, well within the range of health spending in sub-Saharan Africa.


Our proactive health system is designed for simplicity, so that our model can easily be rolled out at scale by Ministries of Health throughout the world. And by the way, "Investing in health is not a cost, it's a transformative return"


Every person has the right to health care. Millions of people living in poverty die every year from diseases we know how to treat. Their deaths constitute one of the greatest injustices in our world today.

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